Above’s Mission

Powered by technology and driven by data, our mission is to empower domain investors by transforming the way they manage and control their portfolios. We have been at the forefront of adaptable technology since 2008, and revolutionized the industry with our complete portfolio management solution.

About Us

As domain investors since 1997, we know that data and technology are the foundation for intelligent investment decisions. In 2008 we applied that concept to create our flagship product, which in turn revolutionized the way domain investors monetized their domain traffic.

Our platform has evolved over the years as we have stayed ahead of developing services for domain investors. Today, we have expanded to include a Registrar, Marketplace, and Brokerage service built exclusively to meet domain investor’s needs.

These advancements transformed our positioning to become the only complete domain portfolio management solution.

Above’s platform is built to give power back to domain investors, ultimately allowing them to take their domain investing strategies to the next level.


How High Can Your Direct Navigation Traffic RPMs Be Driven?

Makes Parking Companies Compete For Your Traffic

Free Service Drives RPMs Higher

Why limit the monetization of a domain's traffic to only one parking company?

When you point to our Above.com name servers, our Monetization technology will constantly analyze the monetization potential of each domain's traffic across multiple parking services. The highest paying parking service at any given moment will be awarded that domain's traffic.

Thanks to the real-time competition for each and every domain visitor, your RPMs will be driven higher as parking services do whatever it takes to win your traffic.

Enables Premium Advertisers To Compete For Same Traffic

Boosts RPMs To New Levels

Above's Maximizer feature enables our pre-screened, premium advertisers to compete against parking companies in real-time for your traffic.

Direct advertisers love Maximizer's categorized, keyword seeded direct navigation traffic. Conversion rates are excellent. As a result, they are anxious to "outbid" parking companies and other advertisers.

How high can Above's Maximizer drive your RPMs?

Change to our DNS and find out.

Above.com Registrar

Saves Time & Money Because It's Built Specifically For Domainers

StatsPowered Renewal ROI Tool™

For Faster and Easier Renewal Decisions

For domains in an Above.com registrar account that are also in an Monetization account, we will automatically import the last 12 months of revenue statistics so that the latest annualized ROI calculations can be displayed.

Sort by expiry date and then use the ROI field to help make fast, informed renewal decisions. Then indicate which domains to renew immediately or which ones to renew at a later date.

This is one of many free domainer tools offered by Above.com.

Free Portfolio Management Tools

Busy Domainers Save Valuable Time

Got domains at multiple registrars? Consolidate on Above.com's Registrar and avoid the hassle of updating spreadsheets with expiry and revenue data each time you buy, sell or drop domains.

Then save even more time by taking advantage of the free tools that help you apply common changes or actions to designated groups of domains. Much faster than doing it one domain at a time.

Group applied actions range from "Setting DNS" to "Setting Zone File Records", and from "Getting authcodes" to "Approving Transfers".

Domain Marketplace

The Fastest Way To Get Your Domains Priced and Posted For Sale

StatsPowered Buy Now Pricing Tool™

Get Fast Fact-Based Prices and Get Them Posted For Sale

For domains on our Monetization platform, revenue stats can be instantly used to generate Buy Now prices.

Our tool can produce prices using the following methods. Simply enter your desired multipliers for a designated group of domains and instantly see the results.

  • Revenue Method: Multiply average monthly revenue by X months.
  • Traffic Method: Multiply $X.XX per unique by Y months.
  • Default Method: Use $X as the price if zero revenue and zero uniques.

Entice More Buyers With Verified Stats

Plus Save With Low 10% Commission and Free Escrow

For domains on Monetization, you can instantly build trust with prospective buyers by offering them a link to view stats from the last 12 months for any given domain.

For sales on Above.com's Marketplace you will also walk away with more cash in your pocket thanks to our industry low 10% commission and free escrow.

As an extra for buyers, if your domains are using Above.com's Registrar, you can offer FastTrack Transfers, which gives anxious buyers expedited control of purchased domains. It's yet another free tool/benefit from Above.com.

Above.com Is A Trillion Company