How High Can Your Direct Navigation Traffic RPMs Be Driven?

Make Parking
Companies Compete
For Your Traffic

Drive RPMs Above What You Get Today's Monetization helps domainers like you operate at a level above parking services by making them compete in real-time for each and every one of your domain visitors. It's a powerful tool. And it's free!

Direct Advertisers
For Same Traffic

Takes RPMs To Impressive New Levels

Premium advertisers on Trillion's Direct Search Network love direct navigation traffic. As a result, they are happy to significantly outbid everyone else to win traffic via's Maximizer system.

No More Daily
Frustration Hunting
For Higher RPMs

Let Monetization Do All The Work

Don't get caught in a never-ending cycle of analyzing stats trying to figure out what to do next to improve your RPMs. Switch to Monetization. It will be the last time you will ever need to change DNS.

Finds The Channel
That Delivers
The Highest RPMs

Options Constantly Analyzed

Each of your domain visitors is sent to the highest paying monetization channel. Options include the lucrative direct-to-advertiser channel thanks to's Maximizer feature.

Plus Free Consolidation of Stats From Your Parking Accounts

Instantly View Consolidated Performance Results

Helps You Make Faster and Smarter Portfolio Decisions
Plus It's Free!
Even if you are not yet ready to go on "full" Monetization by switching to's DNS, you can still take advantage of Monetization's ability to consolidate and safely store historical and daily stats from all your parking accounts. Includes free custom report tool.

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Monetization Case Study

Recently, an elite domain investor recently pointed 3,000 domains to's name servers.

Before the move, he provided the list of domains to our expert support team for manual keyword seeding.

Our premium advertisers love high converting, keyword seeded, direct navigation traffic. As a result, they place high bids in order to ensure that's Maximizer system sends the traffic to them instead of to the highest paying parking company.

This elite domainer was very pleased to see impressive results in the 1st month. And even more pleased to see that the 2nd month results were even better!

How high can Monetization with Maximizer drive your RPMs?

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  • 25%
  • 71%
  • 105%
  • 188%

How To Put Your Portfolio
On Full Monetization

Once you complete the set-up process and change to's name servers, Monetization will immediately start analyzing your traffic monetization options and finding the highest payouts for each domain visitor. Parking companies and premium advertisers will know they must compete to win your traffic.

In fact, Above's monetization channel optimization process never stops. Set it up once, and go spend your free time elsewhere.

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Upload your domains. If desired, create separate folders for easier tracking and reporting.

Then enter the login credentials for all of your parking accounts so that we can pull and safely store historical and daily stats.

Add All Domains To Parking Accounts

Add all your domains to each of your parking accounts to ensure that can maximize the competition for each domain's traffic.

Then change domains to Above's DNS. Let the competition begin!

Maximizer Gets Activated

For domains that meet the minimum traffic levels required by's Maximizer feature, we will manually assign categories and keywords so that our premium advertisers can bid on highly relevant, high-converting traffic.

Get Insightful Reports

Make smart, informed decisions quickly and easily. Monetization's dashboard displays performance reports that include consolidated data from all monetization channels. Or download customized reports for additional slicing and dicing.

  • Domainer Testimonials

    "I got very frustrated with the steady decline in RPMs. I'm so glad I found out about your's Maximizer service. After changing my DNS and getting keywords assigned to my domains, your Maximizer has lifted my overall portfolio RPM by 22%. And for traffic that couldn't be monetized via Maximizer, I was surprised to see a shift of traffic from my primary parking company to a different parking company. Thanks for doing all the work. I didn't need to lift a finger." Jane D. - Domainer Since 2002
  • Domainer Testimonials

    "Your platform has saved me tons of time. And I have definitely seen a healthy increase in RPMs. Thanks for the free report tools, too." John S. - Domainer Since 1997